Elephant Safari

What is an Elephant Safari and what do you get in it?

Embark on Majestic Adventures: Elephant Safari with Jim Corbett Park

Welcome to a truly regal wildlife experience with our Elephant Safaris at Jim Corbett Park. A unique and enchanting way to explore the wilderness, Elephant Safaris offer an unparalleled perspective, allowing you to delve deep into the heart of Corbett National Park.

Royal Exploration on Elephant Back:

Climb aboard the noble giants of the jungle, and let our trained elephants guide you through the mesmerizing landscapes of Corbett. This age-old mode of transportation offers a serene and regal way to witness the park's wonders.

Heightened Wildlife Observation:

Gain a unique vantage point high above the ground, providing unobstructed views of the surrounding flora and fauna. This elevated position enhances wildlife observation, allowing for closer encounters with the park's magnificent residents.

Quiet and Non-Intrusive:

The gentle footsteps of our elephants make for a quiet and non-intrusive safari experience. This tranquility allows you to observe wildlife in their natural state, minimizing any disruption to their habitats.

Expert Mahouts as Guides:

Accompanied by experienced mahouts, our Elephant Safaris are guided by individuals with an intimate understanding of elephant behavior and the nuances of Corbett's ecosystem. Their expertise adds a layer of knowledge and authenticity to your safari.

Ideal for Photography Enthusiasts:

Capture breathtaking moments with ease as our elephants provide stable platforms for photography. Photographers will appreciate the unique angles and proximity to wildlife that Elephant Safaris offer.

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