Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities

 Adventure activities besides wildlife safari, bird watching and fishing and angling in Jim Corbett is in Kosi river just outside of the national park. Kosi river offers rafting, bridge slithering and river crossing adventures for the tourists to add fun to the wildlife packages.

Rafting on the Kosi River

 River rafting in Kosi is added fun for the adventure lovers though river Ganga offers great fun of white water rafting in Kaudiyala of Uttarakhand state. Kosi river offers grade II and grade III rapids and monsoon season is most favorable rafting season for the adventure seekers in Jim Corbett National Park area.

Bridge Slithering on Kosi River

 Bridge slithering adventure in Kosi river is jumping from a Jhula (suspension) bridge in Kosi river tied on a rope, slithering down for around 6 feet and finally jumping into the river where a Kayak is waiting for the adventurer to take back. Bridge slithering is done nearby the Garjia temple and is widely enjoyed by the tourists. Expert instructor thoroughly advice the adventurer before slithering from the bridge.

River Crossing on Kosi River

 River crossing is an adventure of crossing the Kosi river through a rope. Cautiously walking on the rope to cross the huge perennial river Kosi is fun and challenge that most of the tourists love to enjoy. Expert supervisors instruct the adventurer before river crossing activity.