Elephant Safari

About Elephant Safari

Tourist’s fond of nature and wildlife choose elephant safari to roam around Jim Corbett National Park. The elephant safari allows one to pass through those parts of the jungle where jeep or canter cannot take. Riding on elephant back with well experienced mahout observing the gorges and rivers, vast grassland and valleys leaves a lifetime enchantment. Observing the varied flora and fauna, watching the birds and filling oneself with irreplaceable memory, tourists in elephant safari get chances to pass through the wild animals and get excited with a thrilling experience.

Elephant safari in Jim Corbett is available in Durgadevi zone and the elephant takes the tourists through lohar chaur, Rathuadhab, Mundiapani, Halduparau, Kanda and Dhikala areas on its back in the direction of its fondly mahout. Elephants can be booked for whole day with prior booking. Otherwise the elephant safari is on first come first basis.

Timing for Elephant Safari




Winter6:00 – 8:004:00 – 6:00